Dr. Joseph L. Huss

A Quest for Impact

Dr. Joseph L. Huss is a Christian businessman and entrepreneur. He is an author, communicator, consultant, husband, and father. While his family owns multiple companies, the largest company is Growth Reading Center; a one-on-one, online dyslexia specific reading program.
“Other than God, my wife and children there is nothing more important to me than having an impact on this generation and generations to come! We do this through building businesses and relationships that will continue to develop for years to come.”

Latest Books

Prayer – Connecting With God

With all of the activity and pressure from this world, communicating with Him and building this relationship is getting harder to achieve.In this easy-to-read book, you will find helpful lessons that make the most complex concepts of prayer simple. God makes a way that you can have all of your prayers answered, and in this book, you will find the principles and scripture that lead to success! When you apply the truth from the Word of God, your relationship with God will grow.

The Better Life

The Better Life presents a detailed look at Psalm 1 and discusses God’s plan for prosperity contained in this passage. As you apply each of these six amazing verses to your life, you will discover the better life: a life abounding with joy and fulfillment despite your circumstances.